Dangerous Territory: Game 4 Petes/Fronts

27/03/2014 12:18


The Kingston Frontenacs have not won a first round series in 16 years, could the Kingston Frontenacs change their ways tonight? 


So far throughout this series the Fronts have outscored their opponents the Peterborough Petes 13-7 in three games. The offense has come fast and furious for the Fronts as they have scored four goals or more each game which is a good sign as it displays consistency in their game. Also another plus is the defense has been playing very well as there have only been seven goals scored on the Fronts in three games which is unheard of from the Fronts entering the playoffs. Coming into the OHL Playoffs the Fronts allowed 255 goals in 68 games which averages out to 3.75 goals a game which is tough considering if the offense didn't show up they were going to lose. So far in the playoffs in just three games their average goals against is 2.33 which is significantly lower than their season totals. With the strong balance of good offense, steady goaltending and solid defensive group it seems the Fronts can do no wrong. In playoffs you have to have all three of those things to make it not only to the next round but to be considered a great team, which frankly the Fronts have done so here in the early going of the OHL playoffs. 


Game 4: With the Petes entering tonight’s game with a sour taste in their mouths after all that occurred on Tuesday night in Peterborough, they will not come out softly. The Petes will be flying at the Fronts all game long and will have nothing to lose, there will be offensive risks taken and a lot of hits thrown towards the Fronts. The Petes haven't made it into the OHL playoffs in four seasons, if they are going to be eliminated tonight they will not go down without a fight or some crowd entertainment. For three Petes it could possibly be there last game in the OHL those being are Nelson Armstrong, Clark Seymour (who has been silent all series long) and lastly goalie Andrew D'agostini. You have to think that those three aren't just thinking about the game itself but as their junior hockey careers could be over by the sound of the third period buzzer. So their heads won't be in the right place tonight, which goes in the Fronts favor if goalie D'agostini isn't in his game because the series would be already over if it weren't for his stellar play each night as he has made 40+ saves each night. The Fronts are going to have to keep their heads down and play the hockey that they have been playing all series as it has worked for them so far. If they play that style of hockey, tonight should be the Petes last game of the 2014 playoffs and in turn would give the Fronts sometime to rest up and get ready for the next challenge.