Game 78: Detroit Red Wings vs Montreal Canadians

06/04/2014 14:46


Last night the Detroit Red Wings played against the Montreal Canadians in a critical game for both teams as they are both trying to further their leads in the NHL standings. The Red Wings came into the game on a four game winning streak as they have been playing very well on both sides of the puck. However as they came into Montreal last night they had just played a game in Detroit against the Buffalo Sabres the previous night, who had put up a fight against the battled and bruised Red Wings squad. The Red Wings looked very defeated in the early going throughout the first period and most of the second as there was no sense of urgency or effort throughout the lineup. If it weren’t for goaltender Jonas Gustavsson’s stellar play and timely saves it could have been easily way worse than 3-0 heading into the third period. There were plenty of defensive collapses on the back end for the Red Wings which is how they got into the three goal hole. Right before the second period had came to a close you could see that the Red Wings were picking up some tempo and starting to play some good hockey. Start of the third period the Red Wings had killed off a crucial penalty that was much needed to be killed and minutes later Datsyuk had scored his 18th of the year. But just 36 seconds later forward Luke Glendening had scored his first career NHL goal. The Red Wings then continued to play fast and furious type of hockey as they actually looked alive for the first time in the game. Defenseman Kronwall scored a rocket of a slap shot five minutes after the Glendening goal to tie the game up at three.  Shortly after that two very poor goals were squeaked through Red Wings goalie Gustavsson. I say weak because Gionta’s second of the night was deflected off of Lashoff’s skate and in the back of the net. The fifth goal which came from Galchenyuk was clearly goaltender interference, but the officials did not see it that way even after a review. After that goal was officially called a good goal, you could just sense that the Red Wings lost all motivation to play.


Plus ‘s about the Game:

  • Good on Babcock starting Gustavsson as Howard had played the night previous and they cannot expect Howard to play every game down the stretch, I like that they have trust in Gustavsson as he has a good year (16-5-3).
  • The line of Tatar, Sheahan, Jurco continues to progress and only get better. They were by far the hardest working line yet again for the Red Wings.
  • Two power play goals scored off of six attempts, not good but will take it as the power play has been awful as of late.

Negatives about the game:

  • I know the Red Wings came into the game tired and restless after playing against the Sabres the night before and then had to travel to Montreal. But they are playing for their playoff lives currently they have to take that into account when on the ice.
  • Smith, needs to be more discipline as he took another careless penalty. Has been all year something has to be said.
  • Power play, I know I wrote it above under plus, but the power play has been jumbled and they look like nobody knows their place out there as of late. They have to work on it, specially heading into the playoffs when power plays can win you the game.

The Red Wings have four games remaining in the NHL regular season. Those are against the Sabres, Penguins, Hurricanes and Blues. Those last four games are in a six day span, which means the Red Wings have to take the next few days to recover and relax as they head into a very important week.  The Red Wings currently hold the first Wild Card playoff spot as they have 88 points, second Wild Card is held by the Blue Jackets at 85 points. On the outside looking in are the New Jersey Devils at 84 points and Toronto Maple Leafs at 84 points, and barely holding on is the Washington Capitals at 83 points. 


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