Kingston Frontenacs last stretch

12/01/2014 19:55


Well with only 25 games left in the Kingston Frontenacs season and no moves at the OHL trade deadline I will be talking today about the rest of the season and how it is going to go. 



First the Frontenacs have a decent schedule to cap off their season, but will they use that to their advantage? Let's hope they do, but I have said it once and I will continue to say it... they cannot be losing games like they do that should be easy wins. It doesn't make sense how they lost to Belleville 2 weeks ago but last Friday they beat the Oshawa Generals. It is more mind blowing more than anything really, but then again they were up 4-0 in the opening 5 minutes of the Generals game and the lead quickly evaporated as the Generals did tie it up 4-4 but the Fronts did manage to speak out the win as they won 9-4. Last night (Saturday) they went into Barrie after a hot win against Oshawa and came out flat footed as they were down 5-1, they however did manage to come all the way back from the 4 goal deficit but in the end lost 8-5. The Fronts do have a slew of games coming up that will be challenging.. more Western teams but will be challenging that they have to get the single points if they don't win them, the Eastern race is way too tight now to be losing games. Every game is crucial from here on out and if the Fronts want to gear up for a long playoff run they have to focus on keeping the puck out of their own net. 



This brings me to my last point today, which is goaltending. I know there is constant arguments in Kingston that it’s are defense or it's our goaltending. Well eventually someone is going to have to step up and they are going to have to step up very soon, because it is coming crunch time and games have to be won and games have to be won by keeping pucks out of their own net. Now in my opinion there are guys on the team that do not take care of their own end and in this article I will not name names but they clearly know who they are and have to step up sooner or later, or this playoff run will go nowhere in a sense. Now it's time to talk about the goaltending... it is very tough to see the young line of Ikonen-Bennett-Watson having to score 4-5 goals a night from that line alone to saviour the lead or to even win a game. I am seeing it way too often, I don't even think the Fronts have won a game by scoring 3 or less it just doesn't happen. In my opinion it all comes down on Mahalak he is always good for letting at least 1 sometimes 2 very weak goals a game, which entering playoffs simply cannot happen because it has bit them several times throughout the season and will do the same when they are in playoffs. Mahalak being a OA you would think he would be one of the best in the league.. well that's not the case in fact his stats are quite bad as he has played 33 games allowing 102 goals!! That is almost 4 per game and fans wonder why the Fronts don't win games. If you want a simple answer it is this; the Fronts offense cannot be expected to score 5 + a game night in and night out because it is simply near impossible. But night in and night out they have to because Mahalak cannot keep the puck out of the net. 



In concluding this article all I have to say is the Fronts have to take more care of their own end entering playoffs because what has been occurring as of late is awful to watch and painful having to see the offense work so hard not being able to feel accomplished after games end because even when they do score 5 or more goals half the time it isn't enough.. which is sad. 



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