Kingston Frontenacs Line Combos

15/03/2014 23:04


My thoughts on what the best line combinations in my opinion going into the OHL playoffs. 


Offensive line 1: Ikonen-Bennett-Watson                                                                     Defensive line 1: McEneny-Moffat

Offensive line 2: Polesello-Greenaway-Pawley                                                              Defensive line 2: Vainonen-McKeown

Offensive line 3: Schutt-Kujawinski-Crouse                                                                   Defensive line 3: Steele-Doggett 

Offensive line 4: Ulett-McGlynn-Lemmon

**Alternate Verbeek through line 3 and 4**           Starting Goalie: Lucas Peressini              Back up: Matt Mahalak



Now some quick notes that I will just comment on lines and my goalie choice.


In all honesty Spencer Watson cannot perform if he isn’t alongside Sam Bennett in my opinion, since Bennett has been suspended Spencer Watson has only registered three points in the past five games which Bennett has not played any of those due to a suspension. Hence why I have Watson with Bennett in my mock lines. The line of Polesello-Greenaway-Pawley is better left untouched than anything they work very well with each other and it wouldn’t be wise to separate them heading into the playoffs since they have been the hottest line for the Frontenacs in the past ten games. The other lines seem to always work well for the Frontenacs as far as defensive hockey as well as the offensive side of the game. Onto the defensemen I don’t think there will be any changes made as those lines above have been the lines all year long. I will say that I am glad Doggett has dropped back to play defence as he does a good job in his own end and this then allows Ulett to play up and onto the checking line. Lastly I would like to touch on the goaltending many wouldn’t be surprised with my choice as of late as Peressini has been playing as the number one goalie and he was 10-4-2-2 on the year with a 0.899 save percentage. Appose to Mahalak 28-19-1-1. Way to often goaltender Matt Mahalak has given up on plays that a save could have been made to save the game and he just watches it enter the net. Appose to Peressini, whom competes for every puck never gives up on a play and always shows a constant effort to keep the puck of out the net.


No questions asked this will be a very entertaining playoff run and fans should enjoy it as it is possible this will be the last time Kingston gets to watch Sam Bennett and Roland McKeown as they are NHL draft eligible in June.