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17/12/2013 16:23

Linus Omark draft pick of the Edmonton Oilers was selected by the Oilers just six years ago (2007), Omark was the 97th overall pick in the draft. Omark wasn't a player that could transition easily into the NHL as a natural European player it seems to take longer for them to be able to find there game in the NHL a bit longer than North American players. 



With that being said Omark played three seasons with Lulea HF in the Swedish Elite League (SEL) through those three season he played 158 games and accumulated 104 points (42 G's, 62 A's). Before Omark's jump to the NHL he played one season in the KHL (Russia League) with one of the arguably best KHL teams Moscow Dynamo, with the club he played 56 games and tailed up 36 points (20 G's, A's 16).



When the year 2010 came around Omark found himself finally playing North American style hockey as he played with the Edmonton Oilers affiliate Oklahoma City Barons Omark adjusted fairly quickly with only playing 28 games with 31 points (14 G's 17 A's). As he was adjusting in the North American style of play the Oilers thought it was for the best to call Omark up to the big leagues, Omark finished the 2010-2011 season with the Oilers as he played 51 games racking up 27 points in his rookie season (5 G's, 22 A's). The next season Omark only played 14 games with the Oilers before being demoted back down to the AHL after only recording 3 goals in those 14 games played. Last season Omark left the AHL to play with ZUG which is a club in the Swiss League Omark succeeded there as he played 48 games there as he recorded 69 points (17 G's, 52 A's). 



This bring us to the year 2013 which is now, Omark is obviously more of a play making winger as he has recorded far more assists in his hockey career than goals which is very important to have a player like him on your team. Omark is off to a very good year in the AHL with the Oklahoma City Barons as he sits 4th in AHL scoring as he has 29 points in 29 games which is a point per game player, you can't ask too much more out of Omark who has struggled through playing in North America over the past few seasons. 



I am writing this article for the base purpose of letting people know how good Omark actually is, I think he has a ton of potential that hasn't yet been fully displayed by Omark on North American ice. I say that because it is quite obvious that when Omark feels comfortable he plays his best (Overseas). So with this being said Omark has requested a trade from the Oilers to another NHL team because he feels that he deserves another shot in the NHL which I agree with him. A fresh start would be in Omark's best interest in my opinion and teams that he should go to are teams who have more European’s than North American born players because Omark would play better with European’s given the stats displayed and his previous history. 



Potential teams that could be interested in acquiring Omark are the injured Red Wings, Capitals, Hurricanes and I think another good fit for him is Flyers. Omark plays a very versatile/shifty type of game so I think he would excel with the teams I have listed above because of the style of hockey they play. With all the stats that I have layed out during the course of this article I think Omark still can play in the NHL and if it was up to me as a GM in the NHL I would sign him to a short term deal to see what he could bring to the team. Omark is still a young player and can learn lot's he just has to be taken under the right wing. 

Your thoughts?

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By: Jared

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Great article Cody I have read a few now and they are consistent and good job well done

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Thank you, also thanks for reading

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