Mikhail Grabovski - Extension?

12/01/2014 19:33


So as you guys may know in the summer of 2013 the Washington Capitals signed former Leafs forward Mikhail Grabovski to a one year deal worth 3 million dollars. The Leafs were pretty much done with Grabovski as his production level after the 2010 season went down and compete level followed, hence why the Leafs did not resign him. So when he went to Free Agency the Washington Capitals did not hesitate to sign him to a one year deal worth 3 million dollars, Washington clearly thought it was worth the gamble to give him a chance to play where he would be playing a fair amount. So with all that being said there have been talks now when the Capitals will resign him and if they do how much and how long of a term? I will explain why I think he should get resigned and also why and give an estimate on how much he should be making. 



I would like to first off say that Grabovski hasn't had a unreal stat year by any means, but the point is he contributes to the team’s success and comes to play every night unlike he did in Toronto. That is reason number one in why I would resign the German forward. Reason number 2 is he fits perfectly into Washington's system meaning he is surrounded by European players, which probably makes it easier for him to play with and for. Also a point that can be added is that a lot of pressure was taken off of Grabovski once he left Toronto... meaning when he came to Washington he wasn't expected to walk in and be a number 1 or even number 2 center. This is ultimately my number two reason in why he fits so nicely into the Capitals lineup. 



Now comes the money talk, in my opinion 3 million was a very good test run for the Capitals to pay for one year. Though I know Grabovski and his agent will be coming for more than 3 million but I am not sure if it will be much more than what he is currently being paid. I think he does deserve a bit more than 3 million. If I was to resign him I would pay him 4.2 a year, which in my opinion is a fair amount for both parties and would also give Grabovski some incentive. 



Lastly would be term. It is always a question once a signing has occurred fans and analysts usually pick apart the term of guys who are un worthy and such. But if I were signing Grabovski I would lock him up for 3-4 years, I mean why not? He has proven to you that he can get it done when you’re not expecting the world out of him. 



In concluding the Washington Capital forward has played 43 games this season and has 12 goals and 20 assists which combines for 32 points. I hope that Grabovski continues his future with the Capitals (as he should) and payment and term should be in the ball park of 3-4 years getting paid 4-4.3 million per season. 



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