The game without Zetterberg and Datsyuk

04/12/2013 18:03


Well folks the time has come, tonight the Red Wings are facing the Flyers without not only Datsyuk but Zetterberg as well. 



At first glance I am sure fans are panicking about the loss of them not being in the lineup not only tonight but Datsyuk isn't scheduled to be back until the weekend at the earliest. As per Red Wings Captain Henrik Zetterberg will be out two weeks minimum. With that being said the Red Wings finally look as if they have found their goal scoring touch once again, as the whole first half of the season so far it seemed impossible for the team to generate anything. The only two players who have been producing night in and night out have been Zetterberg and Datsyuk, as for the others on the team it is hit or miss. 



Tonight's matchup may have fans feeling worried about what the result will be due to the two star players are out tonight for the Red Wings but in actual facts the whole team has began to produce offensively. Ever since Helm has came back it almost seems as if that is all Johan Franzen needed was to have his speedy center back beside him, because since Helm has returned he has got at least a point per game and Franzen has stepped his game up very well compared to the first half of the season that Helm was absent for. Also another offensive boost for the Red Wings is when they finally made the decision to bring up Forward Gustav Nyquist, Nyquist has been very stellar for the Red Wings so far as he constantly makes scoring chances available to not only himself but others around him. So with that being said although Zetterberg and Datsyuk are out of tonight's game I think the Red Wings offense will be handled fine by others that are more than willing to step up. 



Now not to take the Flyers lightly, because as of late you cannot do that and I say that because in their last ten games their record is 6-3-1. Which is a much better record than what it was just 2 short weeks ago, as they have finally started to all find their games and playing well. Flyers are coming off a 2-0 defeat against Minnesota, hopefully the Red Wings can keep up with the offensive outburst they have as of late and also keep the Flyers off the score sheet. 



Starting goaltenders tonight will be: Detroit - Jimmy Howard, Philadelphia - Steve Mason