The return of Alfe

30/11/2013 19:06

Well folks everyone knew this day would come, and tomorrow is the day when Daniel Alfredsson comes back into Ottawa. 


if you don't know why this is significant it is because Alfredsson played his entire NHL career up until this season with the Ottawa Senators, everyone was shocked in the summer of 2013 when he decided to take his talent elsewhere. Now it isn't going to be the first time Alfredsson plays against Ottawa because he has played them twice already this season though those two games were played in Detroit. Hence why this game has so much hype behind it. 


Alredsson played very "anxious" if you will when Ottawa came into Detroit the first time this season. If your wondering why I said that it is because when I was watching the game it was almost like he didn't really want to play, now that could be because he had a off night or it could be it was the first time he realized he was playing for the other side if you will. What ever it was it took a toll on him because his performance reflected it and it wasn't a good thing. The Red Wings didn't help aid Alfredsson's poor play either as they fell to the Senators 6-1 in a very commanding game for the Sens. Almost right off the hop the Red Wings seemed like they weren't ready to play and the Senators were as they scored 4 goals in the first period. 


In the second meeting against Ottawa this year Detroit lost once again but it wasn't because of lack of play the Senators once again came out more hungry than the Red Wings who were in a slump at the time but that is no excuse. Key note to point out Alfedsson did not play in that game against the Senators due to injury. Now it is a very odd thing to say but it almost seems that the Ottawa Senators play their best hockey when they are mad, also key to point out they have beat the Red Wings two out of two times this season. 


How well will Alfredsson play in Ottawa being on the opposite side of the puck in the Canadian Tire Center? Well stats show that he has recorded many points when he plays in Ottawa, but is that because of the home crowd cheering him on? Tomorrow will tell how well in fact he does play in Ottawa. Though I am sure there will be mixed emotions throughout not only the crowd but Alfedsson's previous teammates. 


So with all of that being said I don't think that the Senators will let up tomorrow afternoon when Alfredsson and the hot scoring Red Wings come into town. I say they won't let up meaning that they will give Alfredsson and the Red Wings no breaks as they haven't so far this year as they have outscored the Red Wings 10-3 in combination of the two games that have been played between the two rivals.