The signing of Johnathan Ericsson

27/11/2013 16:31

Well when I woke up this morning all the rumors about the re-signing of Detroit Red Wings Defenseman Johnathan Ericsson became realtiy. 


Earlier today Ericsson signed a six year deal with the Detroit Red Wings that will average out to about 4.25 million a year, now in my opinion that is a little to much money and I am going to state my reasons why.


Reason 1: I truly don't think Ericsson has done the best job in making a case for him to be earning that long of a term, let alone the money that was involved in the contract. I bring up the term because over the past years the Red Wings have only signed very few guys to long term deals and when they do that means that you are a significant player on the team. I think the Red Wings just kind of paniced on this signing and thought it was a must to have him here in Detroit. 


Reason 2: Money, money, money. Considering his production offensively it is very hard to find a reason in why he is getting paid 4.25 over the next six seasons. His production level is one of the worst on the team, over the past four seasons his highest point total is 15 points. You would think signing a player for that much would have some offensive upside, but no Ericsson brings little to none. Now I'm not saying offense is the most important thing because it cleary isn't. Which brings me to the next point Ericsson isn't exactly a ''force'' on the other side of the puck either in the past few seasons his highest +/- is 15. Now I know its not all about stats but when it comes down to it stats are hardcore evidence of a players production. Way to much money for a Defensemen that in the next 2 years will be playing on the 3rd pairing considering who we have up and coming in Grand Rapids. We have Almqivst, Sproul and Quellet just to name a few along with Smith, Deykeyser and Kindl who are off to great starts with the Red Wings. As you can see those players are just starting to get confience and playing 100% to their full abilities. 


This brings me to my final point and that is, I honestly don't see Ericsson staying with the Red Wings any longer than 3 to maybe 4 years due to the simple fact that we have much more talent that is upcoming to the Detroit Red Wings system. Lastly.... 4.25 million is the cap hit as I have stated above, I would of honestly signed him for no more than 3 million and max 2 year contract. I really think that the Red Wings made a mistake on this one.